The Most Hilarious Moments in Football

As one of the most popular sports, football certainly has many moments. We cannot miss the most goals in a match, fastest red card, or even some fastest goals. Here are some of the most hilarious moments in football of all time.The-Most-Hilarious-Moment-in-Football

Most goals in a match

Chelsea – Jeunesse Hautcharage

In the first leg of Cup Winner ‘Cup in 1971, Chelsea managed to beat with a score of 13-0 at Stamford Bridge. In the second leg, the Blues managed to add aggregate to 21-0 after successfully producing 8 additional goals.

Manchester United 9-0 Ipswich Town (1995)

Well, the score of 9-0 in this party is clearly nothing compared to the results of amateur league games in Nigeria, but the score in Manchester United vs. Manchester United. Ipswich Town was produced in one of the best competitions on earth; Premier League.

The Red Devils, who were chasing Blackburn Rovers, points up very well at Old Trafford. Andy Cole scored five goals; Mark Hughes added two goals, while Paul Ince and Roy Keane packed each one. The scoreboard showed a 9-0 position when referee Graham Poll blew the final whistle.

At the end of the season, Manchester United must be willing to finish in second place under Blackburn Rovers who became champions with only one point difference. While Ipswich finished last and degraded. To date the score 9-0 in a match on March 4, 1995 was still faithfully recorded as the biggest home record victory in the Premier League.

Arbroath 36-0 Bon Accord (1885)

On September 12, 1885, Arbroath competed against the Bon Accord in a Scottish Cup game. The first half of the game ended already with a score of 15-0. The other 21 goals followed in the second half, so the final result of the match was 36-0 to host Arbroath.

It is said that Arbroath’s dominance over Bon Accord in the game, Jim Milne Sr who escorted the host’s goal did not touch the ball at all throughout the game. He even called a few times to leave the goal to shelter from the rain under the umbrella of a spectator. agen sbobet

Another fact expressed by Dave Stormont. Dave is the referee who leads the “silly” game. Dave said that if he really did his job as a referee, then the Bon Accord would probably accept a bigger defeat, maybe around 43-0. This match also put John Petrie as the top scorer (13 goals). The record can only be equaled 200 years later in a match in Australia.

Fastest red cards

Steven Gerrard, Liverpool vs. Man. United, 2015 (38 seconds)steven gerrard got a red card in 38 seconds

It may not be the fastest, but it must be a moment Gerrard will never forget when considering one of his last matches with Liverpool. I do not know what entered Gerrard’s mind when entering in the second round. Perhaps because Liverpool is currently in a position left behind, then he vent his annoyance by stepping on Herrera’s foot. Referee Martin Atkinson who saw the incident could not provide tolerance despite Gerrard only 38 seconds in the field. (Read also: )

David Pratt, in a game of Chippenham Town versus Bashley, in 2009 (the record is 3 seconds)

I do not know what is in the mind of David Pratt, attack the striker from Chippenham Town club who competed in the seventh caste of English football. In the game counter Bashley, Pratt immediately launched a two-foot tackle shortly after the referee blew the first whistle. The tackle wasn’t hit the ball, but the opposite leg. The referee also had no choice but to reward him with a red card rather than taking the risk of something more severe.

Lee Todd, in a game of Cross Park Farm Celtic versus Taunton East Reach Wanderers in 2000 (in 2 seconds)

This is probably the most bizarre red card a player ever experienced. Lee Todd, an amateur footballer who played at Celtic’s Cross Park Farm club was rewarded with a red card in just two seconds. And the red card Todd did not get for committing an offense to an opposing player, but cursed over the sound of referee’s whistle.

Players with the fastest goals ever made

Roy Makaay

The Dutch origin striker scored the fastest goal in the Champions League against Real Madrid with a note. 10.12 seconds after the first-round kickoff whistle sounded in the 2006/07 season. At that time Makaay was still strengthening Bayern Munich club and brought FC Hollywood to a 2-1 victory at the Allianz Allianz Arena and stepped into the quarter-finals. Until now Makaay is still the record holder for the fastest goal scorer in the Champions League.

Alan Shearer

Alan Shearer

As is known, Shearer is one of the best strikers ever owned Newcastle and England national team. Throughout his professional career, Sharer has scored 379 of his 733 appearances in all competitions. But there is one goal that is always known especially by the Premier League public when Shearer scored quickly against Manchester City. At that Shearer managed to maximize the ball that City goalkeeper tried to throw away when the game has been running 10.4 seconds 2002/03 season.

Jesus Navas

Navas just made a surprise when bringing his team Manchester City to shave off Tottenham Hotspur with a score of 6-0 in Premier League 2013/13 continued at Etihad Stadium at the weekend. Navas made a surprise with a quick goal when the game has been running 12 seconds. Spanish national team players are successfully using the ball gag spit Sergio Aguero is not able to be caught goalkeeper Hugo Lloris.

Hakan Sukur

This legendary Turkish striker scored a brilliant goal in World Cup history within 11 seconds. The unsolved record took place in the 2002 World Cup third place winner against South Korea host on June 29 at Daegu World Cup Stadium. The goal is started when defender Hong Myung-Bo wants to feed the ball into goalkeeper Lee Won-Jae. Suddenly Ilhan Mansiz successfully stole the ball and then forwards the flow of the ball to Hakan Sukur who stood nearby. Staying face-to-face with Won-Jae, the attacker who then defended Parma (Italy) was shooting the ball with his right foot.

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