Icardi Officially Wears PSG Uniform as Loan at The Last Minute

Mauro Icardi officially left Inter Milan to join Paris Saint Germain with loan status for one season. He also has a permanent option at the end of the season. There is no official release about the price, but Sky Italia estimated that Paris Saint Germain had to pay for about 5 million euros for the loan. While for holding him permanently, Paris Saint Germain will have to pay sixty-five million euro. In the Paris Capital, Icardi will wear a uniform with the number eighteen.

Before loaned to Paris Saint Germain, Icardi also had signed to extend the contract until 30 June 2022. If the contract was not extended, Icardi’s contract with Internazionale will end in 2021. The loan contract with PSG is just released on the last day of the summer transfer window on 2 September.

Icardi is not needed by Inter

From the beginning, Antonio Conte had confessed that Icardi is not part of his plan. Even, Internazionale had brought in Romelu Lukaku and Alexis Sanchez from Manchester United. Practically, the manager doesn’t need Icardi, he prefers to play the ex-Manchester United striker. Although Icardi was sure Inter will still be in contract with Inter, The manager will not let him down in the field.

Actually, Icardi wanted to stay. Icardi confessed that they had many from Naples. There are many clubs that had contacted him, but he said no as he loves Inter Milan. He wished that he could keep his career in Inter Milan until the end. Unfortunately, the new Milan Manager, Antonio Conte doesn’t put him on the squad.

As Icardi is not needed by Inter, some Italian club had eyes for him. Juventus Napoli, and AS Monaco were said to be interested in him. Even, Boca Junior was also interested in him. Wanda Icardi confirmed that the Argentine powerful club had contacted her. But the progress didn’t continue.

Napoli, Inter rival, was rumored to get Icardi. But later, Inter contracted Fernando Llorente instead. The husband and agent of Icardi, Wanda Nara had worked hard to get Icardi to play. Had been contacting several clubs, her hard work paid after Icardi could play for Les Parisiens.

Icardi Problems with Inter

Radja Naninggolan said Icardi is a good guy, but some Inter Players just could not forgive him. Radja had played with Icardi for one season when they both played for Inter Milan in 2018 until 2019. The problem comes from Wanda. Some inter players are irritated by her comments. Wanda is known to criticize outspokenly about other inter Milan Player. It was the thing that the only player in the changing room knows. Yet Icardi never made confirmation about it. The tense made the changing room atmosphere not conducive. Antonio Conte decided not to include Icardi on his squad as he will make the condition heats up.

Mauro Icardi confessed that he’s frustrated with the condition. Initially, Icardi was Inter Milan’s star. Since 2013, he had scored 109 goals and passed 23 assists. Even, he also was saddled as captain. But the captaincy is detached since he refused to play in the match against Sampdoria. Icardi made a drama that he had an injury although the scan reveals that he didn’t. It’s understandable that an MRI scan might not pick up everything. But the scan result showed that it was nothing. Not to prolong the drama, the Inter Milan manager decided to not put him on the squad. Later, Icardi threatens Inter Milan that they had violated him by not putting him on the training session.

Icardi as PSG firepower solution

Icardi will come as a solution for the Paris Saint Germain firepower. The striker trio, Neymar, Edinson Cavani, and Kylian Mbappe are injured. Neymar is still on the recovery of ankle injury. Cavani is on hip injury, while Mbappe suffers hamstring problems. Because of these problems, they are absent for some weeks. Neymar’s injury also prevented him to play for Brazil in Copa America. But filling in as Les Parisien firepower might not be easy, as Icardi was out of action for a long time in the Nerazzurri.

Although initially, he wants to stay in Milan, he expresses his gratitude towards Paris Saint Germain that has been giving trust in him. He promised that he will present everything for the team to progress further in every kind of competition. Icardi has the ambition to win trophies for his new club.

He admits that Paris Saint Germain has been a locomotive for international football. Many great players played for this club. The spirit of football is also strong in Paris. He is sure that he has enough ambition and skill to step further. He could not wait to play in Parc des Princes, a stadium which was known for its beauty and passion. He was very grateful, as finally, he gets a club to play after Inter Milan Hanged him in uncertainty. situs judi bola terpercaya

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