7 Mind-blowing Facts About Football that Everyone Should Know

Football is  a fact the most prominent sport in the whole world. People take this sport very seriously and we all know that athletes in the football pitch are paid very well just because of this sport. Being the most famous sport in the world makes the fans of football is scattered everywhere around the world, starting from the third-world-countries to big countries where football is like everything, say for example like in Brazil and the UK. If you are a massive football fan, there are plenty of unique facts about this beloved sport that you really need to know. Those facts will expand your knowledge about football and answering any football trivia will be easier for you after knowing the facts. Below are 7 mind-blowing facts about football that everyone, including you, should know.7-Mind-blowing-Facts-About-Football-that-Everyone-Should-Know


Football or Soccer?

In the language of English, the sport is called football. However, if you come to the United States, football is a completely different kind of sport. The sport where 22 players running on the pitch kicking a ball in order to score a goal is called “soccer” there. Many people cannot just understand why Americans call the sport “soccer” instead of “football” like the rest of the world. However, the USA is not the only English-speaking place where “soccer” is used to name the sport. Canada is also using “soccer” to name the game. Beside USA and Canada, other English-speaking countries use “football” to name the game.

Where Did “Soccer” Come From?

Even though the term “soccer” is used to call the sport in USA and Canada only, the interesting fact about the term is that the term “soccer” was actually created by the people of England. They come up with the word “soccer” and later the term is also recognized as the alternative name to call the sport. However, it was not popular and they kept using “football” as the official term. The term “soccer” is actually a shortened term of “Association Football”. The term is too mouthful and thus people of England short the term into “Assoc Football”. By the 19th century, it was widely known as “soccer” because people like to add the “-er” additional sound to that shortened words and terms, hence “soccer”.Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Unlucky Zlatan

One of the most famous football players right now is probably Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The Swedish footballer is currently playing for Manchester United. However, did you know that before coming to Manchester United, Zlatan Ibrahimovic has played for numerous clubs? Yes, he has and six of them have won the Champions League. They are: Ajax, Barcelona, Inter, Juventus, Milan and Manchester United. They are all have won the Champions League but Zlatan has never actually won the trophy himself.

It’s Raining Red Card

A red car is used to basically kick a player out of the pitch. Once a player receives a red card, whether it is an instant red card or a second yellow card, he needs to get out of the pitch, leaving his team one man down. Red card is not something that appears quite frequently in a football match. However, did you know that the record of red card issued during a single football match is 20 red cards? Yes, those much red cards were shown in single match between Sportivo Ameliano and General Caballero. It was in a football league of Paraguay. By the end of the match, the pitch looked like a joke because only a couple of players left there. The rest of them have been kicked out of the pitch earlier because of the red cards.

Run Run Run!

Ever wondered why football players are paid really high? Probably you are jealous because they can be very rich just by playing football on the pitch. However, playing football professionally is something that you cannot take for granted. A lot of energy, passion, and skills are needed to play professionally in a match. Just so you know, the average of distance that football players run during a game (except the goalkeepers of course) is 9.65 km in every game. When did the last time you run that far? Well, football players must do it every week, not counting the distance they have to conquer during pre match and daily training.

Where Did He Come From?

Normally, a football player can only play for one country, his birth place country. However, at some points, there are some players who are breaking that simple rule. Say for example, Barcelona legend, László Kubala. Kubala is the only player in the world, to this day, who play for three countries. All the countries that he has played for are all recognised by FIFA. Kubala has been played for Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Spain. At first, Kubala, whose parents’ were of Czech origin played for Czechoslovakia. Then he probably realized that he was brought up in Budapest, Hungary so that he later joined Hungary national football team and played for them. Kubala soon has his career grew better and better. He spent a lot of time playing for Spanish team Barcelona and later became Barcelona icon. At that point, Kubala changed again his decision about national team and he decided to leave Hungary national team and play for Spain instead.

Killed in Actions

A football player died on the pitch sometimes happens. The unfortunate event is of course devastating for the rest of the team, the fans, and of course the player’s family. However, the most horrible event has probably happened. In 1998, a tragedy happened in Congo because not only one player but the entire football team gets killed because of lightning struck. A heavy rain followed by horrible lightening killed an entire football team in a match among the villages of Bena Tshadi to the nearby village Basangana. It is probably the most horrifying died-on-the-pitch case in football history.

Those are some of the interesting facts about football that everyone needs to know. Football is a really popular sport and people around the world love to watch the game, play the game, and being enthusiast about the game. By knowing all the trivia about football, you can brag even more considering that now you know most of the unique facts about the sport.

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